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MSP Thematic Learning Day: Process Monitoring 6 February

6 February 2024

UTC Liberia 6 - 13 h
CET Germany 8- 15 h
PKT Pakistan 11 - 18 h
BST Bangladesh 12-19 h
ICT Cambodia/ WIT Indonesia 13-20 h

Language: English

Facilitators: Lulekwa Gqiba & Katharina Maier

What will you learn?
- How to use the collaboration catalysts for keeping track of the quality of process architectures
- How to ensure system’s aliveness throughout the process.
- How to establish a learning culture.

For whom:
Civil society actiors who are already implementing a MSP project and have foundational knowledge of partnership approaches as well as the Dialogic Change Model. Depending on the topic, relevant other stakeholders in the MSP structure can also participate, except partners from the business sector.

Please note: The thematic learning days target MSP specific skills and tools for planning and implementation. Participants jointly improve their common understanding of a specific topic and directly apply the learned methods and tools on their MSP project. Therefore, we recommend the participation in small teams of your MSP project and bring in your MSP project as a case for applying the methodologies. The interactive format requires your full presence and active participation.

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