MSP Focus Session: Networking of MSPs 22 February

22 February 2024

UTC Liberia 9 - 11 h
CET Germany 10 - 12 h
PKT Pakistan 14 - 16 h
BST Bangladesh 15-17 h
ICT Cambodia/ WIT Indonesia 16 - 18 h ITC

Language: English

Facilitators: Elisabeth Kühn & Theresa Kuschka

What will you learn?
- How to connect different MSPs with each other to create synergies.

For whom:
Civil society actors who are planning or are already implementing a MSP project and want to reflect upon and deepen MSP specific issues.
  • MSP Focus Session_Networking of MSPs 22 February _ Participants Agenda
  • MSP Focus Session _Networking of MSPs_ Documentation PPT
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed